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Chiara Luce Badano to be Beatified Just 19 Years After Her Death

Chiara was born on October 29, 1971 in the town of Sassano, south of Italy. Those who knew her remembered her as cheerful and attentive. From an early age, she belonged to the Focolare Movement and maintained a close friendship with its founder, Chiara Lubich.But nobody imagined that this child, who loved sports, would suffer from a bone tumor. She was only 17 when she was diagnosed.Maria TeresaMother of Chiara Luce BadanoI could see from the her eyes?s expression, the whole struggle that she would have to face. She knew she had to say yes to Jesus, not only in times of joy, but above all in pain. She had the vitality of a 17 year old, and she wanted to live.”After the first treatment, she lost her hair, and so began her time in hospitalRuggero BadanoFather of Chiara Luce Badano"We thought she would just smile for us. Then I started looking through the keyhole, just to see if she was always so, even when no one else was around. And I realized that Clare was always like this."A year later, she became paralyzed. It became apparent on a trip to her local hospital. Her father went into a bar for a cappuccino but she could not leave the car.Ruggero BadanoFather of Chiara Luce Badano"At that moment she realized she could not walk anymore. But she put it this way, as if it was nothing: ?I will not walk again, it’s OK. " And she stayed quiet. "The disease progressed and she was offered morphine to relieve the severe pain, but she refused it.

Ruggero BadanoFather of Chiara Luce Badano"She told the doctor: “Mauro, I don’t want anymore morphine”. He was surprised and told her. ?Why??. ?Because I have only pain to offer Jesus. The morphine takes away my lucidity and so I can’t take it. "Chiara was aware that the disease had progressed. Before she died, she spoke to all her friends, especially young people who waited outside her room. Among them were many members of the Focolare Movement.Then she asked her mother that on the day of her funeral she be dressed in a wedding dress as a sign of her commitment to Jesus, and be made up like a young girl.

Maria TeresaMother de Chiara Luce Badano"At a certain point, she made a sign for me to come near. I went, she put her hand through my hair and said, ?Mom, bye! Be happy eh? Because I am."Chiara Luce is the first member of the Focolare movement to be beatified. An example to all young people and to the sick.PVB/EPFocolarePP-WP-