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Rome Reports

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Rome will dedicate Square to Mother Teresa of Calcutta

In the "Campidoglio” of Rome, some people that had met her told memorable stories about the blessed mother.

Sebastian Vazhakala, Superior and co-founder of the Missionaries of Charity, noted that Mother Teresa did not give up and did everything to defend the poor, while few helped to support her cause.

Fr. Sebastian Vazhakala

Superior General of the Contemplative Missionaries of Charity

She always tried with all her strength, to do something better for God even if no one did anything. This was her life and her way of thinking. Do not waste time criticizing and judging. She used to say, if you waste time judging you will not t have time to serve”. ;When Mother Teresa visited Rome, Monsignor Peter Prabhu was very impressed. She arrived at the airport without luggage, but instead with 27 packages for the poor.

She was asked to give a talk for 40 minutes at a worldwide retreat for charismatic priests . But only spoke for 10 minutes.

Arch. Peter Prabhu

Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Zimbabwe

When she finished the priests got up and were so excited they almost began QUASI to dance, clap their hands, stomp, and hug each other. It continued like this for some time. One of the speakers was with me and said, “Look, I meditated on my speech for two months, I prayed, I read the Scripture, I consulted the Fathers of the Church, and I read many authors. After my speech they only applauded for one minute. And Mother Teresa repeated her typical discussions and received a very enthusiastic response.”

Cardinal Angelo Comastri, a friend of Mother Teresa, said she followed the example of her parents all her life.

Card. Angelo Comastri

Archpriest St. Peter?s Basilica

"Mother Teresa?s father was a generous man and her mother was called the angel of the neighborhood. Each and every week she visited the poor with her daughter.”

This tribute in the heart of Rome share the spotlight on the life of Mother Teresa, a woman who never tired of serving the poor.