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Monte do Gozo, the last stage of the Camino de Santiago

Valerie Tessier (Canada)

"I choose to to do the Camino because there was a lot of things I wanted to change and it was difficult. You can?t change it at home. You walk you do little same think each day. You talk with peolple. Everything you need arrives, you just need to open your heart not to think." ;

David Fraisse (Francia)

"At the beginning i had no idea of what things i will get here so by walking more and more. And you start like this machine start to stop and then when it stops you realise what is important for you inside." ;

Ido Haruhiko (Japón)

"Because i am interested in spanish culture and chiristian culture becasue we are not chrisitan and I do not have a christian knowledge enogh." ;

From the IX century, pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago, in addition to fatigue, rain and difficulties, also meet great friends, and in some cases have a unique experience with God.

Valerie Tessier (Canadá)

"I started to believe in God because whnen you walk and you look on the floor you only loo k at yourself and you have to look up and it?s so big."

David Fraisse (Francia)

"I realise that there is a very spiritual meaning that ;i cant really understand rigth now fully but check and feel that something has changed in my life." ;

Ido Haruhiko (Japón)

"Kindness so I found these christian culture as the best kindness of the christian people." ;

According to these pilgrims, it?s a road that marks a turning point in their lives. Despite the fatigue traveling by foot hundreds of miles, they say it?s worth it all.

David Fraisse (Francia)

"Too simply would be life changing, and eficiently simply would be eyes opening. And heart opening."

Even today, more than 20 centuries after the arrival of St. James to Spain, the way of the apostle is helping create new friendships and conversions across Europe and the world.