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Pope's brother is awarded for his contributions in music

The foundation also honored the Director Emeritus of the Papal Choir of the Sistine Chapel future cardinal Domenico Bartolucci, as well as the President of the Vienna Philharmonic Dr. Clemens Hellsberg and German patron of the arts Dr. Hans Urrigshardt.

The prize winners each received a diploma and artistic candle made in Germany, a symbol of praise of God through the joy of human beings.

Hellsberg said that this year?s event spoke directly to the Pope to whom this year?s event was dedicated.

Clemens Hellsberg

President of the Wiener Philharmoniker

I know him personally and I know how dedicated he is to music. So what he says about music is absolutely genuine and it is always on these two different levels. On this musical level of which he understands a lot and he has a great feeling of music, great experience, great feeling and this spiritualo dimension.

The Vienna Philharmonic filled the Baroque auditorium of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music with evergreen pieces such as Giovanni Gabrieli?s “Jubilate Deo,” as well as Anton Bruckner?s “Ave Maria.”

The foundation?s General President says that due to the organization?s generous patrons many exciting projects are in store for the upcoming year, including restoration projects in St. Peter?s Basilica itself.

Hans Albert Courtial

General President of Fondazione Pro Musica e Arte Sacra

We are talking about not just the cleaning of the facade, but also of the foundation in which we are doing a lot of work. This is one project. We are doing one in the necropolis of the Vatican and we are working on a mausoleum that is also to be completely restructured,”

The award ceremony is part of an international music festival that took place in four basilica?s of the Eternal City.