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Priest pioneers own website to talk about God

Fr. Robert Barronwww.wordonfire.org“I just thought if Peter and Paul had the internet they would use it. ; If you want to get the Gospel out as widely as possible, you use the means available to you.” In addition to his website, he has authored 10 books and began to host his own TV show airing every Sunday on WGN America. He has also produced numerous DVD?s including his series on the seven deadly sins. ;Fr. Robert Barronwww.wordonfire.org“It?s a fascinating way of talking about the fundamental human dysfunctions that everybody encounters across the cultures, men and woman, no matter what your economic or social backgrounds, everyone wrestles with pride, envy, anger, etc.” ;Father Barron previously lectured at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Illinois. ; And says he enjoys using the internet and social media to reach out to people who might otherwise never have entered a Church.Fr. Robert Barronwww.wordonfire.org“I like to engage people who are perhaps angry at the Church, angry at God, they would never come to our institutions, but they stumble upon a YouTube video that I do and that gives me a chance as a priest, as an evangelist, ; to engage them. I like that.”Father Barron says he receives letters from all over the world in response to his videos from Catholics and others who are seeking Christ. ; His website Word on Fire is a unique way to change the world. ;AERRJM-BN