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Rome Reports

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Vigil of prayer for the unborn child: Pope decries the manipulation of human life

During the vigil, a small spectator tried to get closer to the Pope, but was immediately stopped. The Pope reminded the audience that the human embryo is not “an accumulation of biological material, but a new living being” like “Jesus in Mary?s womb”. ; He warned against cultural tendencies that seek to numb the conscience with misleading motivations.Benedicto XVI“A human being has the right not to be treated as an object of possession or something to manipulate at will, not to be reduced to a mere instrument for the benefit of others and their interests. The human person is a good in and of himself and his integral development should always be sought”.The Pope said that if people really want to demonstrate a sincere love for others, they should start with serving the weak and the poor. As a result, the Church calls for universal respect for life, from the moment of conception. He said that the unborn child is the most fragil and the most threatened by the selfishness of adults. The Pope urged politicians, economists and communication professionals to promote a culture of respect and favorable conditions for the development of human life.Benedict XVI also prayed for those who are married yet unable to bear children and asked God to listen to and guide them through such a difficult situation. PVB/SCCTV-WP-