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Rome Reports

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Pope blesses Nativity figures during the Angelus

The Pope addressed the children and young people in the audience, asking them to remember him when they placed the figure of baby Jesus in the manger.Benedict XVI“My first greeting is for children and youth of Rome, who came to the traditional blessing of the ; “bambinelli” to be placed in their cribs. ; Dear young friends, when you put the baby Jesus in the stable or manger, while saying your prayers, make one for the Pope. Thank You!”The children raised their figures, of all different shapes and sizes, so that the Pope could bless them. ; But they will have to wait until Christmas to place them in the manger. ;During the Angelus, Benedict XVI spoke about the virtues of perseverance and patience. ; He said that Advent should be a time to enhance the “strength of soul,” which according to the Pope, prevents us from “losing hope.” ;He cited the example of farmers, who on one hand work the fields and on the other must then be patient for rain in order to collect the crop. ; According to the Pope, they are the perfect model of union between faith and reason because they complete their work and at the same time trust in God while they wait.Benedict XVI noted that consistency and patience are achieved through the word of God, which never changes.Benedict XVI“If the vicissitudes of life make us feel lost and every certainty seems ready to collapse, we have a compass to find direction, we have an anchor to avoid drifting.”In the Angelus, one of the most special of the year, the coming arrival of Christmas was apparent. ; Before the Pope?s blessing, the children sang carols and released balloons in the air to celebrate this memorable event. ;PVB/AECTV-WP