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May 2010: Pope visits Shrine of Fatima in Portugal

Benedict XVIThe Virgin Mary came down from heaven to remind us of the Gospel?s truths that are a source of hope for a human race, void of love and without hope of salvation.” The Pope said that he went to Fatima to tell the Blessed Mother that he loves her and to offer prayers for humanity, which is afflicted by so much poverty and suffering, and for the priesthood. In May, the Pope also took another trip, this time a much shorter one, to the Italian city of Turin. There he visited Shroud of Turin. Although he made no official statement about its authenticity, the Pope made very powerful statements about the Shroud. Benedict XVI The holy shroud of Turin offers us an image of how the body was set and extended into the grave during that time, which was brief, chronologically, one day and a half, but infinate in value and meaning.” Traditionally, the Catholic Church dedicates the month of May to the Virgin Mary and the Pope closes the month by praying the rosary during a torchlit procession in the Vatican gardens and followed by a few words spoken at the grotto of Lourdes. PVB/SC