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October 2010: Pope canonizes six new saints

Benedict XVI“It is especially all of you who keep alive in the conscience of the baptized, the fundamental demands of the Gospel.”

He was greeted by around 20 thousand young people from the island. Two of them met with him on behalf of all attendees.Maltese Girl“We have much to receive and we receive much from the Church and our priests. Know that we are close to you, Holy Father. Always stay close to us young people.”In October, French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited Benedict XVI to smooth things over after the Vatican condemned their decision to expel gypsies from France.It was a cordial visit during which the French President stopped to pray at the tomb of St. Peter. The most emotional gift received by the Pope this year came in October. A flag was sent from the 33 trapped miners in Chile, with a signature from each of them.The miners were trapped 69 days at over 2000 feet underground the city of San Jose. The Pope sent a rosary to each of them and prayed for them in public during the rescue operation. In October the Synod of Bishops for the Middle East began. It included 255 people and 14 days of meeting with the Pope at the Vatican to discuss the situation and the plight of Christians in the region. The bishops from the synod proposed a “positive secularism” which would separate religion and politics to smooth tensions and counter the episodes of anti-religious violence. During the synod the Pope canonized six new saints. They included Mary Mackillop, Australia?s first saint, the Canadian Brother André, Polish Stanislaw Soltys, Spanish Candida Maria de Jesus, and the Italians Giulia Salzano and Camilla Battista Varano.