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Rome Reports

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Digital rosary marks sign of the times

This Italian electronics technician invented this device so Catholics can listen to the rosary being recited without using traditional beads. Onorio Frati Owner, Prex Srl “The goal is to allow whomever to listen to the rosary in any moment of the day.” While more tech-savvy catholics might opt forthe ipod application, Frati?s model might appeal to a more mature public that isn?t interested in fiddling with a touch screen. In the past Pope Benedict has backed technology as a way to spread the word of God, adding that if used creatively and correctly, technology can help people meet the human longing to connect with others and share the search for goodness, beauty and truth. Onorio Frati Owner, Prex Srl “If there isn?t the possiblity to go to church, let?s take advantage of new technology to allow whomever has the need, to pray.” Sold in over 400 locations in Italy, the device can also be bought online, customized and available in English or Italian. Just in time for Pope John Paul II beatification ceremony in May, this limited edition model ; even has the late-pontiff?s voice. Nat Sound: Hail Mary JPII SCAM-GDP-PR