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Pope says Saint Francis de Sales revolutionized the sense of the laity

Benedict XVISaint Francis became a priest and then Bishop of Geneva, at that time a stronghold of Calvinism. His fine education, his personal gifts of charity, serenity and openness to dialogue, together with his brilliance as a spiritual guide, made Francis a leading figure of his age.” His writings included the “Introduction to the Devout Life,” which was widely read throughout Catholic and Protestant circles. He said that all Christians are called to sanctity in their proper state of life. Something that helped shaped the Second Vatican Council?s universal call to holiness. The Pope noted his other writings helped to spread these ideas through the Catholic community and can still serve as a reminder for today?s world. Benedict XVIHis ?Treatise on the Love of God? develops this teaching, stressing that we find ourselves and our true freedom in the love of God. The Christian humanism of Saint Francis de Sales has lost none of its relevance today.” Pope Pius XI proclaimed Saint Francis de Sales as the patron saint of writers and journalists due to his own extensive work in the field. He also serves as the saint for the deaf after he developed his own sign language to communicate with them. Benedict XVI reminded the audience that this great Saint can help guide each one of them in their own pursuit of happiness. AE CTV JM -BN