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Catholic Relief Services reanalyzes approach to aid in Middle East

He says he still doesn?t know what will be at the end of these revolutions, requiring CRS to sit down and rethink how to approach their work in the region. The organization is used to running into political barriers. Sudan?s government recently accused CRS of distributing bibles, something they deny and state is against the group?s policy. The accusation, however, was enough to force CRS to temporarily close their operations in the region of Darfur. The revolutions in the Middle East present a different challenge, as new governments begin to develop and attempt to restore stability. Schnellbaecher will begin the task of working with these new leaders. Regardless of politics, their main task has remained constant, to provide assistance to people of every race, religion, and nationality without prejudice. However, the new face of the Middle East may bring some speed bumps for the organization, Schnellbaecher remains optimistic about the prospects for democracy in these countries. AECRSHCPN