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Court of the Gentiles: Benedict XVI urges believers and nonbelievers to dialogue

The pope addressed the thousands who were in attendance at the Notre Dame Cathedral, saying that God "is not a danger to society" but is "one of the great questions of our time." He stressed the importance of breaking down the walls that exist between believes and nonbelievers, which he said are often "born of mutual ignorance, skepticism or indifference."He noted that religions do not have to be afraid of a “fair secularism,” that allows everyone to live “according to their conscience.” Benedict XVI said that one of the main objectives of the Court of the Gentiles “is to promote brotherhood” beyond belief without denying the differences. The conferences took place at UNESCO, the Sorbonne, and the French Academy, meeting with the motto: “Enlightenment, religion and common reason.” The Court of the Gentiles is named after the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where non-Jews could enter and ask religious questions. CB/RD- HC BN