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Program released for Assisi Prayer Gathering 2011

The event will be a day of “reflection, dialogue, and prayer for peace and justice in the world.” The Vatican noted in a press release explaining the coming event that “Every human being is ultimately a pilgrim in search of truth and goodness.” The document stated further that because believers are “journeying towards God,” there is the real possibility of entering into dialogue with them.Benedict XVI and the other religious leaders will make their way to Assisi on the morning of October 27th by train, where they will give speeches at the Basilica of St. Mary, the site of the previous Assisi prayer gathering in 1986.After this, there will be a simple lunch shared by the pope and other leaders. The meal is meant to express brotherhood, kindness, and solidarity in view of the many in the world that do not know peace.After lunch, there will be a time for individual prayer, a pilgrimage in silence to the Basilica of St. Francis, and finally, a solemn joint pledge to the cause of peace. To prepare for the event, the day before, there will be a prayer vigil in St. Peter?s Square for Catholics with the pope.RD-GDPBN