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Interview with nun who wrote meditations for Way of the Cross with the Pope

Sister Maria Rita PiccionePresident Federation of Italian Augustinian Monasteries"I think the Pope decided to assign this task to a ; nun because he has dedicated many catechesis, since September of last year until February of this year, to ; female figures of the religious world. It?s ; nice to think that he has entrusted this prayer of the Church to a contemplative nun, who in the Church represents the heart of the vocation."Sister Maria Rita is president of the Federation of Augustinian monasteries in Italy. She had written small meditations ; for ; the community before, yet this is the first time she?s been commissioned to a task of this type. She says her main inspiration is the Gospel. Sister Maria Rita PiccionePresident, Federation of Augustinian nuns in Italy"I was listening to the Gospel, ; which talked about the first Station of the Cross. From that reading, ; I gathered a little reflection that touched my heart and triggered a confession. After, ; came a type of invocation to the Holy Spirit. That?s how the prayer structure was born. It includes ; a brief reflection and ; a written prayer for the confession of the heart and the invocation to the Holy Spirit."Moreover, the sister ; added a short sentence for each station, to be read by a child, as a special tribute to childhood. Sister Maria Rita PiccionePresident, Federation of Augustinian nuns in Italy"In the book, ; under the classic statement of each season, ; I wrote a short phrase that?s key to the reading. I would like for a child to read this for two ; reasons: first, to reclaim the simple ; gaze that immediately captures the heart of reality. Also to include the voice of children who have been exploited, hurt and offended.”But above all, sister Piccione, hopes to offer everyone ; a moment of prayer and an encounter with God. CB./KLHFF-JMBN