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Pope Benedict XVI will baptize a Chinese woman on Easter

Wang Zhonghua "People may find it hard to be both Christian and Chinese. By choosing this journey, I think the Pope will find joy. I want to show him, ; that China loves him very much. " Zhonghua was introduced to Christianity four years ago, when her college friend ; Wei Zhang, was baptized Zhang Wei"I think she saw how I changed over the years. Before I only thought of myself, now I also think of others. I explained to her how to pray, and the importance of one?s relationship with God. " A year and a half ago she took part in ; a retreat, where she understood what it means to be "a child of God. " ; ; After that, her Christian faith deepened when she began practicing the religion. She noticed a big improvement.... and about a ; year ago, ; she decided to ; become officially ; Catholic. Wang Zhonghua"I know not everything will be easy after I?m ; baptized. Once I?m baptized ; I have a responsibility far greater than before. ; I have an obligation to become a saint in my daily life. " After her baptism, Zhonghua says she will return to China. ; She doesn?t fear being Catholic there, ; despite the difficulties she will face after her conversion. BR/KLHFF -HCBN