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Rome Reports

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Rome full of souvenirs of Pope John Paul II

“We have shirts. Tapestries, books and some silver frames”.“We have a full assortment of rosaries that are widely sold. Also, several books with pictures of the Pope.”“Rosaries with the cross of the Pope. Silver frames, frames that are not silver. ; Frames made out of wood of all sizes and all types of quality.”These Roman businessmen know that thousands of visiting pilgrims will want to buy something to remember John Paul II. So, they planned ahead, to not run out of merchandise. “We are well prepared. We saw the number of people who came when the Pope died. Back then, we couldn?t cross the street, you just couldn?t pass. I?m guessing it?s going to be like that this time around.” The objects range from small post cards to cards with phrases in all languages. But without a doubt, the most popular products are the rosaries. ;“Rosaries are the best selling item, but for now, I?d say key chains are more popular, because customers want to take home a small gift and key chains are available to everyone.”There are souvenirs for all budgets. Those who want to splurge, can buy tapestries that are roughly three meters high, or even silver pictures, gold pendants and even vestments of Pope John Paul II. The more daring customers will go back home satisfied. There are plenty of unique products that show the originality of businessmen. "We sell shirts with the pictures of John Paul II, with a heart ¨I love John Paul II.´ We also sell handbags."In the world of souvenirs, we mix devotion with the challenge of selling the most original item for the coming batification of Pope John Paul II. CBAMGDPBN