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New software that blocks pornography on the web

Emmanuel Acha Mexican singer "We have been working on this project for four years at the University of Ensenada. It was developed ; to fight child pornography on the internet, or really all pornography. ; "FLASH. -02.03 - "We just finished it. It?s a software for computers that studies the content on the page and all its images. Then it can eliminate the offensive content in a child?s computer, for example of a company computer.”The product was developed by Mexican singer Emmanuel and Mexican engineer García Fermín. The goal is to sell the filter to protect children. Emmanuel Acha Mexican singer "This project is very strong, very beautiful and I hope it can help us protect children who have to be children during their entire childhood. ; Then they can go through adolescence before becoming adults. But, you shouldn?t rush these stages or transform people?s mentality.”The program “Saint Light” is backed by the American organization “Focus on the Family” and also by “Sosvia,” a company that specializes ; ; in internet security. Emmanuel Acha Mexican singer "We installed this program in a company in San Diego. The performance of the company rose by 30 percent. According to a survey of companies in the world, about 25 to 30 percent of employees visit ; porn sites while at work. That figure grows more and more every day.”Organizers hope “Saint Light” will provide security for parents, children and small businesses. BS/KLHFFHCPR