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Rome Reports

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Leaders of religious orders gather to discuss universal problems

Fr. David GlendaySecretary General, Union Superiors General“We are aware that the world is changing very fast and in order to stay alive in this world and to grow, we want to think about more deeply what?s happening and to see what kind of challenge this makes to us and what kind of response we should be making in our mission to the world.”These religious communities are made up of 200,000 male religious and 800,000 female religious.The groups mostly come from the United States, Latin America, and Europe but many have branches of their orders that span the globe. And each one has their own origin or unique charism, such as this group that?s known simply as ?the Crosiers?. Fr. Glen Lewandowski Master General, Crosiers Religious Order“By piecing together parts of the record that was left, we were founded probably by one of the former crusaders who came back from the war in Jerusalem and was disgusted with the way the Cross was being used as a symbol for killing off people and so instead he decided he would form an order, a religious order dedicated to the Cross but not for murder and pillaging and destruction.”The main purpose of their joint meetings is to get some insight as to what other groups are doing and how they can share these ideas.Fr. Mark FrancisSuperior General, Viatorians Religious Community“For me to learn about what the other communities are doing is very important. So I perhaps learn how to imitate some of the things I?m hearing or also to work together with these other communities in order to do a better job.”For these religious, every meeting they have with different orders is a chance to find solutions that many groups often see in their own countries, in hope of better serving the Chruch, it?s message, and helping people from all walks of life.