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Pope: How to face the New Evangelization

Benedict XVI "The term ?new evangelization? refers to a new approach of teaching the Gospel, especially for those living in a situation like the present, in which the development of secularism has left deep scars in countries with rich Christian traditions." Benedict ; XVI said, there?s still a correlation between the way the Gospel was taught by early Christians and the way it?s taught now. This, despite the huge time lapse. Benedict XVI "Giving reasons for faith in today?s circumstances, which are different from the past. The crisis involves the exclusion of God from the lives of people, widespread indifference to Christian faith, to the point of marginalizing religion in public life." While facing these challenges, the pope asked that every Christian lives a life that?s consistent with their faith. He said being Christian is not ; just something for special occasions, but rather it "spans one?s entire life and involves all the good in modern society." The pope also said "it?s necessary that the lifestyle led by Catholics is credible and convincing, despite how difficult the situation they?re living through may be.”The Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization was formed in 2010. The goal is to strengthen the Christian faith in the Western world, where the faith seems to be diminishing. BR/KLHCTVBN ;