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World Family Map Project studies which country has strongest family units

Bradford WilcoxWorld Family Map Project“We have a number of international industries around the globe, focusing on things like gender equality, the health of the environment, economic freedom, but there?s nothing focusing on the family. So this World Family Map Project would ; be the first international effort to focus on the welfare of the family around the globe.” As the name indicates, the Family Map Project will study a number of families from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In order to measure the health of the family, the Project will look at a wide range of different factors such as domestic abuse to the amount of time a family spends together.Bradford WilcoxWorld Family Map Project“We?re going to look at things like fertility rates, marriage rates, gravitation, divorce, single parenthood. A lot of different demographic and also cultural indicators as to how the family is doing. We?re also looking at the economic welfare of the family, for instance poverty, hunger, things like that.”Each year the Project focuses on a new topic of study around the family. The group is currently researching the connection between the strength of the family and the strength of the economy.With their findings, Wilcox and his colleagues hope to give some concrete answers to questions on the family that until now had no actual research behind it. AEFFBN