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Pope sends firm message on the future of the environment: Time for governments to take action

Benedict XVI “We need a complete overhaul in our relationship with nature. It?s not just a space to exploit or enjoy. It?s the place where man was born, his home. It?s essential to us.”The Pope called for a new lifestyle that respects the environment and avoids the “demise of humanity.” He specifically called for concrete measures to promote the development of renewable energy.Benedict XVI “All governments must commit to protect mother nature by helping it fulfill its essential role in humanity?s survival. The UN is the natural framework that should welcome this review. It should not be overshadowed by political or economic interests, or blinded by partisanship. ; Solidarity should prevail over individual interests.”The Pope, echoed a message he gave during World Day of Peace 2009. The Pope said there will only be peace, if one takes care of the environment. It?s a task that depends on both governments and the effort of every citizen. JMB/KLHCTVBN