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Top songs for WYD Madrid 2011 under review

The winners will receive free registration for WYD and an invitation to the vigil?s guest area on August 20th. In addition, the winning song will be heard during the meeting?s main events. The competition?s official website has the most popular songs. In the lead, is the Colombian group ?Lado A,? with the song "No estás solo,” which translates to “You?re not alone." It got 133,902 votes. Coming in close second ; is the group, La Orden y Mandato of San Miguel Arcangel in Spain. Their song "Follow him," or “Síguele” is played by a charismatic nun who attracted 123,637 votes. In third place is the group “Juan Pablo II” of Cuenca, Spain. Their song called "Strong in Faith" which is sung in several languages received 64,029 votes. The fourth song is “Lléname Señor” or "Fill me Lord.” It has a relaxing melody that?s well suited for meditation. This song is also from the Colombian group “Lado A.” It has 51, 422 votes. British singer Cherrie Anderson is not too far off. Her song "Faith in You" has 50,286 votes. ; It has a modern pop like rhythm that could make its mark in this year?s World Youth Day. BS/KLHJMBN