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Benedict XVI celebrates the solemnity of Pentecost

Benedict XVI“If all the Church?s liturgical feasts are important, Pentecost is important in a special way because it marks, after fifty days of waiting, the fulfillment of the Passover, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, through the gift of the Holy Spirit.”The pope said that by reciting the Apostle?s Creed of today was also to enter into the mystery of the first Pentecost.Benedict XVI"In the Creed that unites us from all corners of the Earth, the Holy Spirit makes people understand each other, though they speak different languages. Through faith, hope and love, we form the new community of the Church of God. "Benedict XVI said Christians should always be cheerful, like the first disciples when they saw that Jesus had risen.Benedict XVI"He is not one just anyone, but that which is the Friend and the Truth that makes men live, and what is given is not just a joy but joy itself, the gift of the Holy Spirit. "