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Rome Reports

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Domus Australia holds pre-opening celebratory Mass in Rome

They?re hoping to have construction finished this summer to host any young people that will be traveling throughout Europe for World Youth Day in Madrid this August. Many Australians have already signed up for the event.Card. George PellArchdiocese of Sydney, Australia“There?s about 1100 coming from the Archdiocese of Sydney. Overwhelmingly, they will have memories or will have seen World Youth Day in Sydney. They?ve got some idea what they?re in for, but there?s nothing quite like coming into countries like Italy and Spain which are saturated with Catholic history and culture.”In charge of making sure this project is finished in time for these pilgrims is the head architect Santiago Hernandez Andreu. He says the work to redesign the chapel and plan out the hotel is something that?s being completed by an international crew in order to represent the different parties involved.Santiago Hernandez AndreuArchitect, Domus Australia “This is the work of the cardinal, who has put a lot of confidence in me and our architecture studio in which we have many people that work here in Rome. This has created a working team that is not always easy because the world is made up of very different cultures, like the world of Australia and the world of Rome.” After the construction and design of the hotel is complete, the task of running the day to day operations will be in the hands of its new director Gabriel Ignazio Griffa.His goal is to help the guests feel at home. He?s hoping to create this environment with the help of this 19th century Victorian fireplace. Gabriel Ignazio GriffaDirector, Domus Australia “The goal that we wanted to have with the fireplace, specifically is to create an environment in which the family, the tourists who come here have a place to feel at home and share their different experiences. Like what they?ve seen so far and to be in Rome with all these experiences they have.” After this celebratory Mass in the chapel, the Domus Australia will look forward to holding many more with the Australian Catholics who pass through Rome, as well as any other traveler looking to get a taste of Australian culture in Europe. AEAMHC-BN