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Rome Reports

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In San Marino, the pope calls for a revival of priestly vocations

As the small republic faces several challenges of the modern world, the pope called for a revival of priestly vocations and special consecration, to strengthen faith and morality.Benedict XVI“I urge all the faithful to be like leaven in the world, showing both in Montefeltro and San Marino that you are present, proactive and consistent Christians.” ;With a population of only 30,000 San Marino is one of Europe?s smallest states, located close to Italy?s Apennine Mountains. During his visit, the pope also met with several diplomats and congressmen from the state?s government. Benedict XVI called on them, to not ignore their Christian roots in everyday life. Benedict XVI“The temptation has crept in to believe that the wealth of man is not the faith, but his personal and social power, his intelligence, his culture and his ability to manipulate scientific, technological and social realities.”In the town of Pennabilli, the pope met with roughly 4,000 youths, urging them to value life by making good, solid decisions, instead of those that may come easily, but in the long run, result in little or no worth. He also called on parents and religious to instill values in the youth early on in life.KLHCTVJMBN