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Best pictures of John Paul II in Mexico announced

In the the amateur category, the third place, went to a picture titled “The Light of Mexico,” which shows the pope strolling down a Mexico City street surrounded by spectators.

In second place is “The Goodbye of 1979.” It shows a blurred image of the pope, as he swifts through the popemobile in Mexico city.

The first place goes to a picture taken by Luis Gilberto Jimenez from the country?s capital. It?s titled “Leaving Mexico City?s Museum.” It shows people sitting on rooftops for a chance to see the pope for just a few seconds.

In the professional category, this picture won third place. It?s titled “That unforgettable first visit,” taken in the state of Jalisco by Idelfonso Loza.

In second place is a picture of the pope boarding a Mexican plane, titled “The Farewell of John Paul II.”

The first place in the professional category is titled “The Driveway of Mysteries.” It?s a black and white photograph, where the pope is greeting a cheerful crowd on the street.

There were also several honorific mentions in both these categories. As far as the winners, each one received a monetary prize ranging from $2,000 to roughly $8500 dollars.

The competition was open to anyone, in any country, as long as it showed the pope in one of his visits to Mexico. ; In the end, organizers from the Salinas Cultural Group and also Mexican Archbishops, chose the winning pictures.