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Rome Reports

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Benedict XVI receives unique gifts from 60 artists to celebrate 60 years of ordination

Fausto Maria Franchi "This bell is a messenger of peace and brotherhood. It?s a way to draw attention to issues and problems that exist in the world. But above all is a part of one?s mood and feelings. ; This is the message I wanted to represent." Gustavo Aceves "It?s what the piece is about: that instant when ; the foot of the Risen breaks the veil of death, carrying the cross of Saint Benedict. It?s a tribute to Benedict XVI." Giulio Manfredi "It represents the union between the world we live. This planet, the sky, the infinite and the paradise. ; It has another symbolic meaning. ; It?s made of gold, diamonds, silver with a white marble base that represents the land." Christoph Brech "I chose these photos because they were inspired by Pope Benedict XVI. He invited us artists to the Sistine Chapel in 2009 to strengthen the dialogue between art and the Church." Benedict XVI personally greeted all the artists present and thanked them for the unique anniversary gift. Pedro Cano “He like the story of the painting. It shows a pilgrim who arrives to Rome with difficulty. The Pope?s visit was short, but very nice and very intense. " Sidival Fila"He said, ?Great, a friar artist!? " Works of art for all tastes made by all types of artists. Some of them are a bit odd, which the Pope has taken with a good sense of humor. Matthias Schaller "There is much irony behind this. Earlier I said ; I?d like to see the Pope with only these astronauts, because physically they look quite similar. Also because scientists, just like the Holy Father and just like the astronauts deal with the heavens, the origin of mankind and matter itself." The gifts included two architectural projects done famous by architects like Oscar Niemeyer and Paolo Portoghesi. Film and music were also among the gifts. The unique exhibit will be on display until September 4th at the Vatican?s Paul VI hall. Afterward, it will be transferred to the Vatican Museums for all to see. BR/KLH ;AMJM-PN