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Rome Reports

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Christian missionaries told to renounce all deception and coercion

Msgr. Andrew Tanya-ananUndersecretary, Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue “The conversion is the gift from God, this is important for us. Therefore we have to witness of life, our own life, and that?s the very most important and in particular that we cannot use the way as a way to hurt the people through violence, no way.”The document also calls on individual Christian churches to create their own guidelines when dealing with the non-religious and people of other religions. However, Christian missionaries are universally told to “reject all forms of violence...and appreciate what is true and good” in other religions. Msgr. Andrew Tanya-ananUndersecretary, Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue “We never compromise, that we have to at the same time, that we have to respect the Evangelization, we cannot impose on anybody to convert so we give them time to reflect.”Religious groups describe the document as groundbreaking for the collaboration across religions as well as between different Christian denominations. The document also denounces any proselytizing with the use of “financial incentives and rewards.” According to the World Evangelical Alliance, these guidelines were created to address accusations of “unethical methods” being used by Christian missionaries. They hope this document will help to spread the Gospel in a peaceful manner.