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Rome Reports

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Breaking religious ground by using the web

Sister Elvira Maria de WittDivine Heart of Jesus (Netherlands)“You?re not going to convent to ring the bell and say ?can I speak with a sister?? It?s so easy to chat with a sister in your own room and ask questions and then think bye, and out it is.”She?s been so successful, she flew down to Rome to teach other nuns from different parts of Europe, about ways to use the internet to promote their work, help people and also to connect with those who may have a religious vocation.Sister Elvira Maria de WittDivine Heart of Jesus (Netherlands)“Do you know where to find them? On the internet. They said, on the internet? I got all my candidates on the internet. So now they have this theme and I think, oh that?s great. I want to be there for every young one who is coming. I want to help them where they fit. They can be with us, they can be with other sisters and also with marriage.”On the web, she connects with people from the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and the U.S. It?s a way for her to spread the Gospel, but it?s also a way to stay in touch with the digital age. The possibilities are endless she says and it?s something that simply can?t be ignored. Sister Elvira Maria de WittDivine Heart of Jesus (Netherlands)“I?ve been doing this for ten years, but there are sisters still now, who never worked with the internet, they only have an e mail address, but they don?t use it.”For some, welcoming the digital age is a challenge, but the potential benefits, she says, by far outweigh the obstacles.