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Priests and nuns on Internet reveal how they found their vocation

Fr. John GerthDiocese of St. Petersburg (USA)“I honestly remember telling my mom when I grow up ?I want to be a priest?. And then the next week I think it was a fireman.” Fr. Jim McNultyArchdiocese of Detroit (USA)“The thought of seminary was like you want me to never to date again, and never have children, like are you kidding?”Fr. Christopher MartinArchdiocese of St. Louis“I am still humbled and shocked by how much people love their priest.”Fr. Joseph PellegrinoDiocese of St. Petersburg (USA)“I think I have the only vocation in whole Church that when you?re doing your job, you?re talking to God...this is a good deal.”Besides joining the priesthood, there are several other paths inside religious life. Many women hear the call to become a nun. And there is always a route inside religious communities open to men and women. For those thinking of becoming a nun, there are plenty of words of advice from those who have taken the leap. Sister Michele SchaferPCPA, Postulant“I was once asked ?do you shave your legs still?? And I was like, yeah we shave our legs, we live a normal life.”Sister Mary FidelisPoor Clares of Perpetual Adoration“It?s not like choosing a career, you know it?s something that?s been chosen for you.” Sister Augustine MariePoor Clares of Perpetual Adoration“Any Catholic girl should think about religious life and give the Lord a chance to see if that?s what he created he for.”On the website foryourvocation.org, you can also hear advice from parents, educators, and youth leaders. It?s a resource to speak to others considering religious life and hear from those who are actively living it. AEforyourvocation.orgHC-BN