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Russia approves law to discourage abortions

Recently, ; law was enacted which will require all abortion ads to include a health warning. The government says, that warning should clearly state the dangers that could come from having an abortion, including loss of fertility. Supporters say the ads are currently misleading. They argue they give the impression that an abortion is like simply surgery. The issue is also linked to the country?s population crisis. According to a United Nations report, Russia?s population will decrease by almost 20 percent by 2050 if women don?t start having more children. Other European countries like Hungary and Poland have proposed similar laws to increase the nation?s birth rate. While Russia takes on this new measure, the government is also considering other bills. These include tougher penalties for doctors who perform illegal abortions and also allowing mothers to leave their newborn in adoption centers if they?re unable to care for it. KLHRRHC-BN