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Proposal to award 2011 Nobel Peace Prize to African women

Guido BarberaPresident, CIPSI (Italy)“African women are truly the backbone of their continent. Women represent almost 95 percent of the everyday economy. The economy of survival. Women are the one?s who truly feed children and families. They deal head on with everyday problems.”The campaign is called “Walking Africa Deserves a Nobel.” It?s headed by “CIPSI” a non profit organization in Rome that promotes international solidarity. Organizers are hoping the prize will be awarded to a group or a cause, instead of an individual. Guido BarberaPresident, CIPSI (Italy)"Why? Because civility, peace and well being is something we sow together. We don?t often go about this individually. In this case, the Nobel Peace prize can be dangerous if it?s given to one person. The prize turns you into a character. The person is placed in a pedestal for the world to see.”The idea is to recognize the everyday work of African women. Especially they work they do in ; keeping the peace in their communities, ; feeding children, taking care of orphans, walking for miles at a time to find water and even taking care of A.I.D.S patients as best they know how. Guido BarberaPresident, CIPSI (Italy)"Peace is something we must build together. We must learn to be together. This is true peace. Living together having respect for the common good.”Recognition and respect is what they?re looking for mostly. If they?re honored with the prize, the campaign is proposing that the 1million euros that comes with the Nobel, be used for education, health programs and micro-loans in Africa. The application was already submitted to the Nobel Peace Prize committee. In October, the winner will be announced. Guido BarberaPresident, CIPSI (Italy)“We don?t know if they?ll receive the award, but African women have told us, in a sense, they?ve already won the prize, just by being recognized.”Aside from international organizations, several African villages are also taking part in this campaign. Despite who wins, they?re already planning all types of festivities. Being considered, they say, ; is already a cause for celebration...KLHAMHCPR