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Pope says good-bye to World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid

The King of Spain, Juan Carlos, recognized the importance of forming youth and the need to focus on the common good and accept their responsibility toward society. Juan CarlosKing of Spain“The success and impact achieved here have come through the work and dedication of many people including the volunteers who deserve special mention.”The pope also gave his thanks for the work of the different organizers, volunteers, officials and security forces that ensured the success of World Youth Day. Benedict XVI“Spain is a great nation whose soundly open, pluralistic and respectful society is capable of moving forward without surrendering its profoundly religious and Catholic soul. In these days, it once more made this clear, revealing its technical and human resources in the service of an undertaking of immense consequence and promise: that of helping young people to become more deeply rooted in Jesus Christ, our Saviour.”The pope also stressed that it?s the Holy Spirit which guides the Church even when facing difficult times. Benedict XVI“This is the work of the Holy Spirit, who makes Jesus Christ present in the hearts of young people in every age and shows them thegrandeur of the divine vocation given to every man and woman. We were also able to see how the grace of Christ tears down the walls and overcomes the barriers which sin erects between peoples and generations.”Benedict XVI asked everyone to remember those that are facing difficulties, such as the sick, the elderly, children and the unemployed. He also assured that the youth will bring out the best of themselves to take on the challenges facing their country.CB/AECTVJM-BN