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WYD Madrid 2011: Pope meets with volunteers to give his thanks

Card. Antonio Maria Rouco VarelaArchbishop of Madrid“The farewell is difficult, we find it difficult for everyone! We-ve heard it these past days from the lips of the youth repeatedly saying ?we love you?. Saying ?we love you, Holy Father! Bless us!?”It was a meeting of youth that saw the testimony from many of the young people who helped to organize the event. Javier ReyesVolunteer“Thank you again Holy Father, for being with us, for trusting in us and always keeping us in your prayers. Come back whenever you like, this is your home and it?s doors are open. Thank you, thank you.”Giselle AzevedoVolunteer“I am a volunteer for this World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, and I?m very grateful. I participated in the World Youth Day in Cologne and I was impressed with the courage of many young people that expressed their faith. The silence and the enthusiasm with which they listened to your words.”The pope thanked the volunteers that were gathered for their work during the past days of World Youth Day. Benedict XVI“Dear Volunteers: As the events of this unforgettable World Youth Day draw to a close, I wanted to come here, before my return to Rome, to thank you personally for all your invaluable help. It is both a matter of justice and a heartfelt duty.” Benedict XVI also stressed the need to hear the calling of God. Benedict XVI“Perhaps some of you are thinking: the pope came to thank us and here he is asking us for something more! You are right. But that is the mission of the pope, the Successor of Peter. After all, Peter, in his First Letter, reminds Christians that they were ransomed at a great price: that of the blood of Christ. Those who look at their lives from this perspective know that Christ’s love can only be met with love. That is what the pope is asking you to do in this farewell: to respond in love to the One who for love gave himself up for us.”The pope then left the youth after giving them his blessing. CB/AE RR JM -BN