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Rome Reports

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World congress of Catholic gynecologists begins in Rome

José María Simón CastellvíPresident, International Catholic Medical Association “The FIAM, which I preside over, is the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, spread throughout 70 countries. Some countries are monumental and very large with 200 associations, such as the United States and Italy, which are very important.”The 200 participants are reflecting on the value of motherhood and the role of gynecologists. Participants include general practitioners as well as some leaders of pro-life movements. ;José María Simón CastellvíPresident, International Catholic Medical Association “The congress is about motherhood on a planetary scale. In rich countries we have attacks on motherhood through the crime of abortion, but in poor countries we have a big problem, that is the mothers are not treated in a sanitary manner and many mothers die in childbirth.”Fighting this problem is one of the main objectives of the International Federation of Catholic Doctors. Their aim is to bring help and effective training to medical professionals in order to help mothers and their children in every country. BR/AEFFGdPPN