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Pope to Indian Bishops: Teach Catholic Values to the Youth

Benedict XVI“I encourage you to continue to pay close attention to the quality of instruction in the schools present in your Dioceses, to ensure that they be genuinely Catholic and therefore capable of passing on those truths and values.”The pope also recognized all the charity work done by the Church in India. In addition to spreading Catholicism, the pope also focused on educating seminarians.Roughly 1.2 billion people live in India. Even though only a small number practice Christianity, Bangalore?s Archbishop says, the group, though small, is very devout. Mons. Bernard Blasius MorasArchbishop of Bangalore (India) ;“Indian people are very spiritual. A large number of people go to the Church. I would say 90 percent of people attend Church. The children, the youth, elderly, sick, everyone. There is no difference.”At the end of the small gathering, the bishops gave the pope a beige shawl. The pope has met with four different groups of Indian Bishops throughout the year. KLHAM/CTVJMBN