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Teresa Tomeo: American talk show host crusades to change image of women in society

Teresa Tomeo Author, Extreme Makeover“It?s a book for and about women but also for and about anyone who?s interested what?s been happening in our world, especially the cultural attacks on women.” According to Tomeo, the image of women, portrayed by the media, is often harmful to society as a whole. Teresa Tomeo Author, Extreme Makeover“I found that most of it, most of the attacks on the culture are against women. For example the over-sexualization of women, sexual objectification, the promotion of abortion, contraception, all these things that are negatively affecting women are promoted 24-7 through the media.”To fight against this, Tomeo says one just needs to look at the message and teachings of the Catholic Church, especially in John Paul II ; papal letter to women. She also believes that through Catholic teachings, women can reach their full potential.Teresa Tomeo Author, Extreme Makeover“Jesus did so much to dignify and uplift women, that?s when you shine, that?s when you come into your own. That?s when you become the best wife, mother, professional, whatever your vocation is, that?s when you can be the best you can be.” Teresa Tomeo continues to speak out on women?s issues as well as religion. She notes that the media should use its power to spread a message of equality. AEAM-JM-BN