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Pope addresses agnostics in a televised speech in Germany

The pope?s visit will run from September 22nd to the 25th. It includes a visit to Berlin, where the pope will address Germany?s national parliament. Afterward, he?ll celebrate a Mass at the Olympic Stadium.

During the short speech, the pope said he?s also looking forward to his visit in Erfurt, where aside from visiting the Augustinian monastery he will also pray with representatives of the Evangelical Church.

Germany has a population of roughly 82 million people, of which 71 percent are Christians. Five percent are Muslim and 24 percent are agnostic. During his speech, the pope addressed those who have religious doubts.

Benedict XVIÂ?You ask me, but does God exist? And if He exists does He really concern Himself with us? Can we reach Him? It is, indeed true that we cannot place God on the table, we cannot touch Him or pick Him up like an ordinary object. We must discover our capacity to perceive God, a capacity that exists within us. We can get some idea of the greatness of God in the greatness of the Cosmos.Â?

The answer lies in knowing how to recognize God and his message. This in turn says the pope, can turn into hope.