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Possible miracle of Archbishop Fulton Sheen under investigation

The alleged miracle happened in Peoria, Illinois where Sheen was ordained. It all started over a year ago, when Bonnie Engstrom and her husband were expecting a baby boy. They prayed that Sheen would look after the pregnancy. In fact, they decided the boy?s middle named would be Fulton. ;Despite a healthy pregnancy, the baby was delivered, but without a pulse.The boy?s parents told the Catholic Post that for 61 minutes the baby boy had no heartbeat. It was the longest hour of their lives. They began praying to Sheen, and within seconds he was baptized under the name James Fulton. ; CPR was performed and experts were called in. Eventually, his little heart started beating. His parents were told the ;newborn ;could be blind, have organ failures and even severe mental retardation. ; A year later, his parents say, he?s doing just fine. The family is convinced that archbishop Sheen played a role in the boy?s survival. They say the ; gifted communicator and EMMY award winner, is also their miracle worker. ;For now, witnesses and medical data will be analyzed in Peoria. Once the tribunal makes its case, the file will then go to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. That team, will then pass its own conclusion and recommendations to the pope. KLH -HCBN