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Rome Reports

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The Lefebvrians meet to decide whether to reconcile with Rome

This would mean a signing of a “Preamble doctrinal” by the Lefebvrians, which includes several principles and criteria on interpretation of Catholic doctrine that are doubted by the group.The document allows them to discuss the terms of Vatican II and the Magisterium, but not its contents. They would also have to commit themselves to express their opinions with charity and respect for those who don?t share them. If they accept, Rome will seek a formula of canon law that will be in line with receiving them. Cardinal Levada offered them the option of becoming a “Personal Prelature,” a very flexible formula of canon law in order to accommodate groups that are both secular and hierarchical. It?s a type of district that?s not based on geography but on the attention of a particular need by its members.The Lefebvrists have given a cold response to the Vatican?s proposal and are still looking with some hostility toward Rome.For example, the province of France has called for one thousand Masses in reparation for the coming meeting convoked by the pope with other religious leaders that also includes atheists this October 27 at Assisi. JMB/AERRGdP-PR