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Unique campaign launched on how to have a happy marriage

- “Oh, what sport?

- Basketball

- Surfing, because we?ve been riding the wave for so long.

- It would have to be a team sport.

- Definitely team work.

- Ice Hockey.

- Baseball. It lasts a long time, but not much happens.”

This question is part of a campaign launched by the American Conference of ; Catholic Bishops. It?s called “A Good Marriage Goes a Long Way.” The campaign includes real couples of different ages. The idea is to promote a healthy marriage and family life. At the same time it also highlights how a strong marriage benefits society. The campaign focuses on several questions, including: ; how many people have been influenced by your marriage?- Hundreds? ;

- I think we could easily fill a football stadium with all the people we?ve influenced.

- Yeah, when you think about the ripple effect.

- One influences the next and the next and the next. It?s like a wave.

So far the campaign has been sent to 1,600 television stations and 7,000 radio stations. It?s popularity is also growing on facebook and twitter. The website called ; www.foryourmarriage.org includes all types of information on the personal and social benefits of marriage. It also has tips on how to overcome some of its everyday challenges. KLH www.foryourmarriage.org-BN