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Rome Reports

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Art exhibit showcases works of Lippi and Botticelli, two friends and rivals

Filippo di Tommaso Lippi was nicknamed Filippino. ; In the year 1472, he became a student of Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli. Lippi greatly influenced Botticelli when it came to the ; originality of landscapes and the search for movement. Both these elements are shown in paintings like "Madonna with Child" and "Nerli Altarpiece," which were recently restored. With time, both artists eventually become rivals during the last ten years of the 15th century. Lippi became so famous, that all the workshops of Florence closed the day of his funeral. Although now, ; it?s Sandro Botticelli who has more worldwide recognition. The exhibition highlights famous works like"The Adoration of the Three Kings, where he painted the Medici brothers and himself. Also included is the piece titled "Portrait of a Young Man."One can also admire some of Lippi?s masterpieces such as "Christ Crucified" where the use of motion and the black background stand out. ; Also shown is the "Virgin who Adores the Child."The two 15th century Florentine artists, in a way meet again, but this time in XXI century Rome. AO/KLH FF-JM-PR