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Pope canonizes Luigi Guanella, a hero of the defense of life

Behind every person he would see a gift from God, which he said, ; has value in itself. He defended the dignity of the elderly, sick, and the mentally and physically disabled, who were abandoned or badly treated by their families. Pino BeneditosSan Giuseppe Rehabilitation Center (Italy) “One day, the bishop of Como showed up because he had to speak with him about their activities, their charitable projects, and Don Guanella was with the mentally disabled, with his ?good kids?. He was playing cards with them and to make them happy he finished the game, but had to leave the bishop in the waiting room.”He would tell the priests and nuns who followed him to trust in God?s help, but to work hard in their lives. The fruits of their labor are obvious. ; The group includes 700 female religious, 528 male religious, and 265 households spread across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.The miracle that led to his canonization is the healing of William Gleeson from the United States. He suffered a neck injury from skating. His doctors said, he had little hope. Pino BeneditosSan Giuseppe Rehabilitation Center (Italy)“The mother, without saying anything to William or the doctors, placed a relic under the pillow, prayed and obtained this miracle: for her son to recover without any problems.”William is one of thousands of pilgrims who will attend the canonization ceremony. Among them, will also be several handicapped, who receive help from the rehabilitation center founded by Don ; Guanella.AO/AEFF-PR