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Audrey Hepburn: Exhibit shows her life as a mother, actress and UNICEF ambassador

Her two sons say she was a loving mother. Her fans describe her as an ; iconic movie star. The exhibit in Rome?s Ara Pacis museum includes some of her designer clothing, shoes and accessories. Also, pictures of her at work and unedited video of her life as a mother. But maybe not as popular, was her work as a “Goodwill Ambassador” to UNICEF.

Désirée Colapietro Petrini UNICEF “Friends of Audrey”“The last years of her life she did a lot of work, out on the field. She always believed that there was no such thing as the third world, since we are all part of one ; planet. Because of this, she always felt a duty to help children.”That sense of responsibility was personal for Audrey. She grew up during World War II. When the war was over, she was one of many, who received food and medical relief. It?s something she never forgot.

The last five years of her life, she visited Ethiopia, South Sudan, Bangladesh, parts of Latin America, Vietnam and Somalia. All under the mission of helping children in need.

Désirée Colapietro Petrini UNICEF “Friends of Audrey”“Back then it was very different. Nowadays, anytime an actor does something for children, it?s all over the news. People talk about it and pictures are scattered everywhere. She on the other hand did it in a simple and natural way.”

“Breakfast at Tiffany?s” celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. ; Other films like “Roman Holiday,” “War and Peace,” and “The Nun?s Story,” are also special since they were filmed in the eternal city, where Audrey lived part of her life. Now another part of her story is also on display.

Luca DottiSon of Audrey Hepburn ;“This exhibit is the work of UNICEF. It?s a way to promote programs that help children. To remember my mom?s third career as an ambassador.”

The exhibit will continue until December 4th, 2011. Tickets are now on sale for about 10 euros each. Twenty five percent of ticket sales will be used by UNICEF to continue Audrey?s wish of ; helping those in need.