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Pope calls for an end to violence in Nigeria during Angelus

Ignoring God ; leads to emptiness, said the pope. It?s something that?s reflected nowadays in a growing sense of nihilism, where people don?t find purpose or meaning in their lives. The pope said, it?s especially true among young people. The pope went on to pray for the six victims who died in Genoa, Italy during latest floods. ; He also called for an end to violence in Nigeria, where a radical Muslim group, named Boko Haram, has reportedly killed nearly 100 people recently. The rebels are hoping to overthrow the government and turn the country into an Islamic state.Benedict XVI“I am following with concern, the tragic incidents that have occurred in recent days in Nigeria, and as I pray for the victims, I call for an end to all violence, which never solves problems, but only increases them, sowing hatred and division even among believers.”The rebel group has reportedly attacked churches and military offices, resulting in the death of both Christians and Muslims. KLH CTVJMBN