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Rome Reports

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Pope prays for diabetics during Angelus

The pope then talked about the “Parable of the ; Talents,” where a boss divides his money among his three servants, before leaving on a short trip. When he returns, he sees that two of the workers actually doubled the investment. While the third, hid the money and did nothing.

Benedict XVI“The servant who hid the goods, ignored its value. He acted as if the owner was never coming back. As if his boss wouldn?t keep him accountable for his actions.”

The message to remember says the pope, is that people should use their God-given talents to live a full life. But above everything else, comes compassion and love. When these two factors are ignored, one runs the risk of wasting one?s life.

Benedict XVI“Jesus invites us to reflect with gratitude on the gifts we have received and to use them wisely for the growth of God’s Kingdom. May his words summon us to an ever deeper conversion of mind and heart, and a more effective solidarity in the service of all our brothers and sisters.”Before closing, the pope asked for everyone?s prayers as he gets ready for his next trip to Africa. The pope will leave for Benin on Friday, November 18th.