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Guido Marini talks about how the pope dealt with rain showers of WYD 2011

Italian priest Guido Marini explains that as the wind and the storm passed, he asked the pope if he wanted to leave. And Benedict XVI said “If the young people are staying despite the weather, how could I leave?” Msgr. Guido MariniMaster of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations“I think those were forty very special minutes, but at the same time they also proved providential. The fact that the pope wanted to stay there despite the rain and the storm caused a lot of sympathy and empathy with the young people present.”Since October of 2007, Monsignor Marini has been responsible for the liturgy of papal ceremonies. It comes with a large responsibility given the interest of Benedict XVI in these matters. It?s something he describes as the cornerstone for the renewal of the Church.Msgr. Guido MariniMaster of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations“As the liturgy brings us to the heart of Christian life and the life of the Church, the liturgical reform serves as a way of life liturgy with greater awareness and truthfulness. It has also resulted in the renewal of the Church.”Guido Marini has shown that taking over the ceremonies of Benedict XVI comes with a great responsibility, since the entire Church looks towards the pope and his liturgies.DMT/AERRHC-BN