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Rome Reports

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Benedict XVI celebrates Mass for the bicentennial of independence in Latin America

An image of the Virgin of Guadalupe presided at the Mass that was held entirely in Spanish and with Creole music, the first of its kind celebrated by Benedict XVI.Benedict XVI“Peter?s successor could not let this anniversary pass without having present the joy of the Church for the abundant gifts that God in His infinite goodness has spilled over the years in those nations, that are most beloved so dearly and that invokes with tenderness the Most Holy Virgin Mary.”The Gregorian chant gave way to the music of guitars, flutes and Creole drums.Given the thousands of people attending the ceremony, the pope officially announced his next trip to Mexico and Cuba, for his second visit to Latin America.Benedict XVI“Sustained by the help and divine providence, I have the intention to undertake an apostolic journey before Easter to Mexico and Cuba, in order to proclaim the Word of Christ and the conviction that this is a precious time to evangelize a steady faith, a living hope and an ardent charity.”Present were all the ambassadors from Latin America as well as most Latin American cardinals. Many of them will accompany the pope to Cuba and Mexico next year. A journey that will take place most likely in late March of 2012.BR/AECTV-PR