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Domenico Giani celebrates 70th anniversary of Vatican firefighters

They are made up of 30 men who ensure the safety and security of the Vatican, 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Domenico Giani

Inspector General, Vatican Gendarmerie

“Firefighters carry out prevention measures, control the areas that we have commissioned, ;and aid to health services when someone is hurt or sick. They also work with the Gendarmerie toward the safety of the pope in St. Peter?s Square and as a civil defense force.”

The fire department has been put in action on several occasions. The last serious one was in 2010, during a fire at the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome which resulted in 50 injuries.

Domenico Giani

Inspector General, Vatican Gendarmerie

“To have saved so many children and new borns in that fire in the Bambino Gesu Hospital, which is a Vatican hospital, was a test of their professionalism. Their intervention was crucial because it helped to avoid negative consequences.”

To enter the Vatican?s defense corps, one has to meet certain requirements that include being a 21 to 25 year old male with previous experience in fire fighting and they should also be Catholic. ;

Domenico Giani

Inspector General, Vatican Gendarmerie

“It?s important to profess the Catholic faith and to feel part of the Church, because our main job is to serve the pope. We serve the Successor of Peter.”

This well prepared force is celebrating its 70th anniversary protecting the world?s smallest State, which is one of the most peaceful and seldom has the need to call on its force of firefighters.




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